DALIT NATION takes its name from the self-determined name Dalit’s use instead of the term Untouchable. It means broken people, broken under caste but still determined to survive. In that spirit  DALIT NATION is the transmedia campaign bringing together scholars, artists, and activists with one goal: Eradicate Caste. It comes out of the work of filmmaker  Thenmozhi Soundararajan’s current production: Touchable: The Journey from Untouchable to Dalit.  This blog will have updates on the production of  the film, as well as feature current writing about the intersection with caste and other transnational issues.

Thenmozhi Soundararajan is a transmedia science fiction storyteller.  Growing up as a Tamil Dalit she was driven to tell the stories of marginalized communities. This led to her founding an international media training organization called Third World Majority (TWM).  Through TWM she worked in the U.S, France, Tunisia, Venezuela, Brazil, South Africa, and India. She was also featured in 2003 in both Utne Magazine as one of the top 30 visionaries under 30 and in Source Magazine as one of the top ten political forces in hip hop. Further, she was in residence at the MIT Center for Reflective Community Practice writing about storytelling, diversity, and future technology. This research inspired her transition to  become a 3d director and  rock roll musican.  As a singer/director she fuses epic stories with complex visuals and melodies. Her films  often explore interactivity, stereoscopic imagery, projections, and  use science fiction to examine societal issues. While her music blends Indian, punk, rock, and RNB vocal stylings with thoughtful lyrics that draw from diverse themes including science, mathematics, esoteric mysticism, mythology, love, darkness, and hope.  Her work in the field has been recognized by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art, NEH Institute for Digital Humanities, Annenberg Innovation Center, U.S. Social Forum, Alliance for Community Media, Grantmakers for Film and Electronic Media, Producers Guild of America’s Diversity Program, Slamdance, Sebastapol Film Festival, Chicago International Children’s Festival, La 3d Move Festival, Indian film Festival of Los Angeles and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.


One Response to “About”
  1. Kunal nagdive says:

    Hi Thenmozhi,
    I read an article ‘THE BLACK INDIANS’ in one of Indian magazine ‘Oulook’ dated 20 aug 2012. It feels bad to see d dalits in uk r also suffering b’cz of caste descriminationtbuu feel gud to see u 4 fighting against such descrimination. I would like to knw more abt u n ur team.

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