Hey Dalit Nation Readers,

Much apologies on my delayed return to blogging. But I promise I had a good reason: Touchable the film is kicking ass

This has been a busy couple of months with visits and interviews with people in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit, New York, and Paris. In addition there was a transmedia residency with Sasha Costanza-Schock of the Center for Civic Media, and most exciting I have almost finished tracking the album Broken People with my friend and collaborator Marvin Etizoni

I will be sharing some of the insights of these travels and prepping for the first production trip shortly.   So stay tuned for new updates in the next weeks. As always if you have a Dalit story you want to share please send it to me via my comments or through my facebook account.


Dalit Diva

  1. omar says:

    Welcome back. This is becoming one of my favorite blogs. I was wondering why it hadn’t been updated in so long.

  2. dalitdiva says:

    Thanks I was just swamped and overwhelmed but I will be posting regularly so visit and if you like send me things to cover!

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